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Your Fertility Coach Dora

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Dora Toma,
Functional Medicine Certified 
Health Coach


I am Dora Toma, Functional Medicine Health Coach and Fertility Expert.


I help women who are planning to conceive optimize their fertility with nutrition and lifestyle.

During our work together I will help you reach your fertility and health goals and walk you step by step in overcoming all the fears that come with pregnancy and postpartum.

Mother Nurture Coach LOGO transparent.png

According to the latests statistics 1 in 8 couples are struggling to conceive.

Chromosomal abnormalities are responsible for 50-60% of recurrent miscarriages.

Research shows that egg quality is the #1 factor in determining whether an egg will fertilize and survive and become a healthy baby.

Did you know that simple lifestyle and nutritional habits can improve egg quality?


Why Work With a Health Coach?

Unlike other practitioners such as a doctor, or dietitian, when you work with a health coach you receive support, education, and guidance on what healthy behaviors will benefit your fertility. We work together in order to discover how you can incorporate those behaviors in your lifestyle so they become daily habits.

My health coaching practice works around the 5 pillars of health which impact your fertility: nutrition, exercise and movement, sleep optimization, environmental chemicals, and the mind-body connection as it relates to stress resilience.  


We combine these modifiable lifestyle factors with sound medical information from your medical provider and support your fertility for the ultimate goal to have a healthy baby.

Rest assured, my work follows the Functional Medicine model, which is is an individualized, client-centered, science-based approach that empowers you and the practitioner to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness.

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“Dora is all you want in a health coach. She is knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate, helpful and a great listener! She has given me so much clarity about health and eating patterns. I highly recommend her!”

Simona Z.